Our team

Giacomo Bonavoglio Indiogene Ceo

Giacomo Bonaveglio is the lead partner of Indiogene, at the main office in Turin. Before starting Indiogene, Giacomo Bonaveglio has been a senior consultant at Booz∙Allen & Hamilton with specific expertise in strategic planning, company evaluation, M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) activities and financial services.

Indiogene CEO in Turin – giacomo.bonaveglio@indiogene.com

Anna Cerruti

Anna Cerruti is a partner of Indiogene, based in the Turin office, specifically following the ICT domain and the services and technology areas. Previously she had been founder and CEO of the Italian branch of one of the largest Temp work groups, in which she specifically took charge of the Start Up in Italy. She has a deep experience in the field of technological innovation and in the application of new technologies in the running of operating companies and in work process automation. After classical studies, she has attained a University degree in Physics and has very good knowledge of French and English.

Partner Indiogene in Turin – anna.cerruti@indiogene.com

Daniele Palazzo

Daniele Palazzo is a partner of Indiogene, based in the Turin office. During his professional career he was Ceo and General Manager of firms in different sectors (mechanical, pharmaceutical, services) successfully completing complex turnovers. Daniele graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin and has an MBA from Columbia University in New York.

Partner Indiogene in Turin – daniele.palazzo@indiogene.com

Stefano Daniele

Stefano Daniele is a partner of Indiogene and works out of Centre/South of Italy. Stefano Daniele is among others an entrepreneur who has worked as CEO of Boston Tapes, a firm belonging to the Chargeurs Group, listed on the Paris stock exchange. Previously he has had important experiences in Multinational groups in the field of packaging. Stefano Daniele has obtained a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Naples and an MBA from the School of Business Administration of Turin. He has an excellent knowledge of English and a good grasp of French.

Indiogene Partner in Southern Italy – stefano.daniele@indiogene.com