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The reports and contents of this page are written by Giacomo Bonaveglio CEO Indiogene Turin.

A group of professionals in strategy and forecasting techniques, experts in Ukrainian and Russian situations, both current and of the past, dedicated time and efforts to new considerations and models after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Various studies have been developed in order to give knowledge, first of all, of the Russian reality, the least known in the West.

We started from history to help understand and motivate the current war events. To this end, the cognitive tools of demography, statistics, psychography and psychology were used.



  • We start with a quick “historical excursus” of Russia especially with neighbouring countries, deepening similarities and dissimilarities from the “Ukrainian brothers”, which are often at the origin of current problems
  • There follows a demographic analysis of Russia in relation to:
    • Ukraine
    • USA
    • Europe
    • And Italy as a benchmark
  • There is then an approach to Russia with the use of Psychographics through a specific model created for this purpose.
    We believe that a psychographic representation of the Russian population is still the best way to understand Russia, even though bad use of Psychographics has met with recent scandals as those of Cambridge Analytica.
  • Finally, to have a greater understanding of current Russian leaders, through psychological profiles. These were created
    • Using the 27 characteristics of the GARF (Global Assessment of Relational Functioning), contained in the DSM-IV, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the ‎American Psychiatric Association.
    • The profiling technique used (“Psychological profiling”) was created specifically for this analysis.


This blog will publish these studies for analyses and comments.

Consequences of a prolonged Russia Ukraine war

This report summarizes a model used to evaluate the effects of a long
war between Russia and Ukraine, that began on February 24, 2022

This short report summarizes a model developed by Indiogene to evaluate the effects of a
prolonged war between Russia and Ukraine

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